Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sentimental Sunday

Been having a sentimental Sunday 'round here.  With my big guy entering college and my little guy starting high school next week, as in just seven days from now, I keep thinking of the little boogers they once I look up at them now towering over me...and I'm absolutely confident that they'll each be brilliant and amazing in their owns way.  I mean with a history of such deep thoughts, how could they not be?

My little guy who once inquired, "Was [big guy] zero when he came out of your privates?"

and..."Dump trucks must cuss a lot because of all the beeping sounds."

My big guy who had a great idea after receiving his glasses prescription for a weakness in only one eye, "Can I just get a unicle?"

and..."I ate a big, big, big, big booger in the bathroom!!"

I'm so excited for them!  And can't wait to hear what they say next!

Why yes, of course, this is supposed to be me and my boys.
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