Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mean Mom Alert!

Yup.  Tis true.  I'm officially a mean mom...again.

You see, I've officially stopped making food for my kid.  I know, sounds awful...but the thing is, nothing else was working.  The kid was assigned a summer reading project (personally, I think it's mean to assign a kid an assignment over the summer) and he won't read the book.  And it's a great book.  One of my favorites ever.

We've tried:

- no friends over
- no sleep overs
- no technology

And we've had no all.

So, today when he let me know that he was starving as soon as I got home from work, and I found out that he still hadn't read, well, I told him I was done cooking for him.

And did I create a passionate reader?  Well, no.  But I did create a kid who has since displayed an amazing ability to cook for himself.

Thinking that makes my parenting moment not a total fail, right?

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