Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wakey, Wakey!

We've been preparing for the start of the school year...sort of.  You know, things like going to bed a little earlier, waking up a little earlier.  I've been quite successful.  The kids not so much.  So here we are, the last day before school starts, and I wake the guys up.  Big guy?  Nope, no way.  Little guy?  Slowly, slowly, only because I tell him he has to get up to go with me to Costco to choose his school snacks or I'll be sending him with freeze dried broccoli and carrots.  So my zombie kid started moving.

We walked through the aisles..."I'm too sleepy to choose a snack."

We stopped by an end cap to wait for the main aisle to clear...and he ran into me because he was walking with his eyes closed.

We saw a teacher friend of mine...and he stood there swaying, silently, with his eyes at half mast while she and I chatted.

We got to the register...I gave him money for a Coke (yup, mom of the year here) and a slice of pizza...and he got it and lay his head on the table in the cafe area.

We got in the car...he leaned against the window and closed his eyes.

We passed a huge unused parking lot and I woke him up..."Too bad you're so sleepy, I totally would have stopped and let you try driving my car if you were awake."

Little guy:  "I'M AWAKE!!  I'M AWAKE!!"

Next time my sweet guy, next time...and now I know how to wake you up in nothing flat!

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