Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Fabulous Summer

You know, I usually start my summer break sick, sick, sick...cooties from my precious students combined with exhaustion make for a perfect petri dish of funk.  But this year I somehow managed to earn a "get out of jail free" card and was off and out of town with nary a sniffle.  It rawked!

But...skip forward about nine weeks, and I've been sick as a dawg for three days now.  Officially hosting a pity party now.  And I go back to work next week!  So even though I've had what has likely been my most amazing summer break ever, I'm in panic mode because there's still more I want to do!

I suppose there's a lesson in all of this, a reminder for me to focus on the fabulousness and assume that this illness is a "break" of sorts.  So, here goes....

My Fabulous Summer (in no particular order)

• was in a commercial with my kid.
• saw tons of friends...from long ago and more recent.
• went out of town three times.
• was an extra in a TV show.
• painted, painted, painted...and wrote, wrote, wrote.
• renovated our kitchen (we did almost all the work).
• went on many Home Depot and Lowe's dates with my husband thanks to the renovation.
• rode my bike and daydreamed around the lake so many times.
• hung out with all different members of my family.
• watched tons of movies.
• went through all my clothes and got rid of tons.
• did the same thing with my little guy's clothes.
• prepared tons of my work for selling online.
• sold some of my paintings.
• started some ideas for a children's picture book.
• relaxed a lot!

OK, I feel better now...but I'd still really, really, really like to feel better by tomorrow.  Girl still wants to play!

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