Monday, August 12, 2013

Butterfly Bliss and Cricket Crunch

Yesterday we hung out with butterflies.  TONS of them.  Hundreds upon hundreds, I'm sure.  Big ones, little ones, colorful ones, "drab" ones, fast ones, slow ones...I swear there's a missing Dr. Seuss book about this place, it's crying out for kiddo poetry.

...perhaps that's to be my next task.

Anyway, it was fabulous.  And even my fourteen-year-old little guy was totally into it...taking photos, wishing they'd land on him, begging butterflies to open their beautiful wings, strike a pose, and say, "Cheese!"

It was a wonder-filled time, and as we walked out of the what must have been a five story terrarium, the little guy happened upon a vending machine.  And as he's always hungry, he asked for money.  And as he soon saw that it was flavored crickets in the machine, he got even more excited.  And down the hatch they went.

6 crickets (a tidy 1.4 grams)
sour cream and onion flavoring
9 calories

Little guy:  "I'm still hungry, mom."

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