Sunday, August 4, 2013

Stop and Smell the Bats

OK, perhaps not literally smell them, that could be very dangerous, but when you're supposed to stop and smell the roses.

Well, today I stopped and smelled the bats.  I woke up super early (summer schedule-wise) and found myself on the Congress Bridge at 7:25 this morning.  Turns out it was just the right time to show up and experience all the bats coming home after a long night of flying and feeding.  And it was amazing!  I've seen them stream out when they're departing, but that had nothing on this.  "Why?" you ask?

•  No crowds...just little old me and a scant number of runners who seemed oblivious to the wonder they were ignoring.

•  The bats flew in at seemingly kamikaze speeds and managed to dart directly into their specific slit under the bridge.  Wowza!

•  The air was fresher...something lovely about morning air over the river with very little traffic exhaust smell and bats who had likely done their business elsewhere.

•  It was over 20° cooler than when you watch in the evening.

I recommend it highly.  And while you're out there first thing some morning, be sure to wish all the homeless folks a cheerful, "Good morning."  Does your and their hearts good.

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And here's something batty that I've been working on.  I'm creating a piece to go in the "Bat Cave" at the elementary school where I work.  The cave is filled with many other pieces created by artists that didn't procrastinate as much as I.  Painting will commence later this week!  And I've said now I'm accountable.

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