Tuesday, August 20, 2013


After an absolutely wonderful, divine, purely delicious summer break, I headed back to work today.  And it was also wonderful, divine, and purely delicious (especially the amazing breakfast tacos!!).  As with all school years I come up with goals for myself.  Typically they're about improving as a teacher, a co-worker, or some such thing.  This year?  My goal will hopefully lead to an improvement as a relaxed person, a wife, a mom...which, of course, means I'll be a better teacher, right?

Anyway, this year my goal commitment (because I really, really mean it) is to never, ever check my work email unless I'm at work.  You see, I've had this nutty habit over the years of logging in during my time, and taking care of business.  And upon looking back, I can't imagine that it helped with anything even though that's the direction my heart and intent were going.

Now, over the years I've quit many, many things that I've set out to rid myself of.  And I'm a cold turkey kind of girl.  My successes you ask?

• quit eating red meat as a fifteen-year old.
• quit smoking as a seventeen-year-old (seriously, the cost of a pack went to a dollar...no way!).
• quit biting my nails (numerous times over the years, but it's been a really long time now).
• quit chewing gum (again, numerous times, but I'm "clean" now).
• quit all caffeine (coffee, tea, chocolate) last December.
• quit turning on the TV...since 2009.

So, I can do it, right?

My failures you ask?

• quit using bad words (I'd be successful if bad words weren't just the right thing on rare occasions...never at work).
• quit being snarky (my personality simply dictates that I cannot quit this one).

OK, so perhaps I only have a 50% chance of success, but this girl's gonna give being unplugged her all, people.  I'm taking my "time off" back.

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