Friday, August 16, 2013

Gutless Love

My dogs are experts at the fine art of gutless love.  The thing is, we keep giving them dog toys.  Ones we buy (rarely), ones our kids have tired of (usually, but not lately), and ones we get for free (swag rocks!).

Both Hazel and Scout will lovingly carry these wee little stuffed animals around...everywhere.  They get them soggy and you can bet there are high odds they'll drop the dripping critters right on your bare feet.  Ew!

Anyway, after delicately carrying around these little prizes of theirs for quite some time, something overcomes them.  They decide to pick on one little spot, create a hole, and gut the little Snoopy, or Octopus, or Long Dog, or...or...or....  (Yes, we do name our dogs' toys!)

But do we throw out the skins left behind?  Nope, we do not.  Our dogs love those's like they've finally gotten their toys in the perfect form.  And they carry them around delicately, getting them quite slobbery, and always...always end up dropping them on our bare feet.

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