Saturday, August 17, 2013

It must be almost back to school time...

...because the nightmares have begun.  Now you all know I LOVE my job.  It's just one of those things I do.  I did it as a kid, too.  You know, showing up to school naked or just in PJs, not knowing about the HUGE test...stuff like that.

Well, last night's had me a bit shaken when I woke up.  You see, I showed up to work for my job, which had suddenly switched from working with three and four-year-olds to working with high school students (not a slight against them, I live with one, for Pete's sake!).  And they were BIGGER than I am.  Much bigger!  And I didn't really have a classroom, more of an industrial utility closet with pipes and conduit going everywhere, steam being released at irregular intervals, very dark and creepy.  And no one had given me any info on what my individual students' goals were.  And somehow all the parents managed to be able to drop off their children yet my assistant found herself locked out.  And the only curriculum like material I could find was incomplete game sets of Chutes and Ladders and Hi-ho!  Cherry-O.  And so we played them.  And then my assistant showed up.  And then I woke up.

And all was well...whew!

P.S.  Maybe someday I will get the privilege of working with high schoolers.  But, hey, I'd really like to have a real classroom and some real supplies.  Oh, and could they please be shorter than I am?

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