Monday, August 5, 2013

Bottoms up...and out in OUTA HERE!

Yes, my bikini bottoms did finally arrive.  And I must absolutely positively be getting old because, oh my goodness, there was not enough material in the darn things.  Mind you, technically they "fit", but there's no way I could wear them in public...or private for that matter.

So I put them back in their shipping bag, made sure to keep the receipt, and felt a little defeated in the bikini bottoms shopping area.

But, being the trooper that I try to be, I made my way to the bedroom and pulled out the contents of my swim suit drawer.  In the bottom I found three bikini bottoms that had ample material, did more than enough coverage-wise, and were not threadbare at all!

Next time you seem a forty-six year old chick at the pool rockin' her granny panty bikini bottoms...yup, it'll be me!

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