Saturday, August 31, 2013

Man's Best Friend...a Dog...or a Mog...or a Dan...or a....

Perhaps it's the heat getting to me, or perhaps it's the heat getting to them, or perhaps it's just awesome...but today while I was approaching a light, a dog started walking across the street at the crosswalk.  He was leashed and was accompanied by a man...a man who happened to be holding two leashes.  He was followed by another man who had a collar around his neck and was walking behind both the dog and the first man, and was holding a ball in his mouth.

Me:  "You see what I see?"

Big guy:  "Yup."

Me:  "OK, good...that was awesome, right?

Big guy:  Sighs and rolls eyes at his easily amused mom.

Now to have a conversation with him about whether we should call that second guy a "mog" or a "dan"...he's gonna love it!

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