Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Take the Time to See what's Below

My dog and I have been wondering about something as we go for our nightly walks.  Every time we pass a particular area, it's like the grass, weeds, and all other plant life come to life.  They shake, rustle, and move about in a curiously alarming fashion that takes us both by surprise every time...even though by now we should expect it.

Well, the other night I decided I was going to figure out exactly what was going on.  So, Hazel and I walked our normal path, heard the first hints of movement, and stopped in our tracks.  We waited for a surprisingly short amount of time and suddenly mice were everywhere!  They ran in front of us, behind us, around us, back and forth into the was AWESOME!

So now it's our routine to walk very slowly through this area taking the time to gaze as these marvelous little creatures as the emerge from and dive into their burrows, as they chew on bits of grass, and as they do what I'm quite sure is simply play.

We love 'em!

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