Saturday, August 10, 2013

Cat Scratch Fever

My cat...I love the guy dearly, seriously I do.  He's the perfect cat.  Aloof, then affectionate, then aloof once again.  Always taking pleasure in my giving him pleasure and somehow manipulating me into believing that giving him pleasure actually gives me pleasure.  Amazing and wonder filled, really.

Anyway...he's got this funny routine lately.  I wake up, he meows at the back door to come in after a night of doing whatever cats do outside all night, he comes in, completely ignores me, goes to his food, eats a brief snack, and then disappears.  Dunno where he goes.  But...I groggily go to my computer, open it up, turn to get my water that I'd put on the bar, turn back around, and that cat of mine has silently positioned himself in the few inches between my computer and the edge of the table, quite effectively preventing me from using said computer.  He yawns, he acts casual, he elongates his body subtly giving me a menu of good spots to scratch.

And I do.  And it makes me feel fabulous!

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