Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Song Written Just for Her - Part 1

I brought home a pocketed apron I'd received over the summer during some professional development I was co-teaching. The apron was a gift for everyone who attended and of course I snagged one for myself. You understand...aprons rock! Well, as I received it a teaching thing I have had it hanging in my classroom because I assumed that that was the right home for it. But the thing is, I already have an apron I use in my classroom and that apron is deliciously covered with tons of tempera paint. I've got big plans for this little apron I took home today. Cannot wait to get it deliciously covered as well.

And I started working on getting it covered this evening when I began a new painting. I'm studying a new artist in the class I've been taking. Her name is Mary Blair and I'm super excited. I love her palette and style. It's so bright and whimsical! It will be quite a change from Max Beckmann's, whose style and palette I also loved.

I haven't gotten much done this evening as I've been watching instructional videos and then waiting for paint to dry. I wish I'd thought to go ahead and cover this canvas a few days ago. My mom had given me an already painted on canvas that she'd picked up at a thrift store or something like that. Ah, well...instant gratification is way overrated.

I painted over a canvas that my
mom had given me.

I did a rough painting of the background.

I decided that I wanted the gray to
be a lighter shade.
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