Friday, November 6, 2015

With his Back to the Window - Part 4

I'm a so, so many ways. Case in point, tonight. The little guy, Dave, and I went to Schlotzky's for dinner. Each of them had cokes with their meal and then afterward they each had an ooey, gooey cinnamon roll. I looked at the roll with a longing rooted way in my past. Before I knew what had happened I'd taken a pinch of the little guy's roll and popped it in my mouth. It was a swirl of cinnamon sugar deliciousness. Then I took a small bit of Dave's. And then I took a ride on the sugar rush express. was worth every second.

I finished this painting. I loved being introduced to Max Beckmann's life story and his work. I enjoyed creating this piece with my own vibe inspired by his painting.

"With his Back to the Window"

I did a yellow wash over much of the painting.

I worked on the details of his face.
I struggled a lot with his right eyebrow, his nose,
and his mouth. Teeth are hard!

I added some reddish tinting here and there.
And before the final stage, I reworked his right eye,
his ear, and his hairline. I decided I liked the
unfinished look of his arms and hands. It
worked for me to leave them less finished
as it made his face pop as the most important
part of the painting.

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