Friday, November 27, 2015

"Side by Side" Part 5

I took our big dog, Hazel, to the vet the other day. She was due for all sorts of stuff. And, my goodness, she has the best attitude ever!

Hazel: "Oh, you're gonna poke stuff in all the most awkward places! I LOVE YOU!!!!!"

Hazel: "Oh, you're gonna pull up my gums and look at my teeth! I LOVE YOU!!!!!"

Hazel: "Oh, you're gonna give me three shots on my back and one snort of stuff up my nose! I LOVE YOU!!!!!"

Hazel: "Oh, you're gonna give me two dog biscuits! I LOVE YOU!!!!!"

For my next annual exam I'm going to do my best to bring my Hazel attitude.

I didn't get much done today as I was happily enjoying a family gathering, but I was able to do just a bit.

I applied a second coat of watered down
white paint to the figures.
(Sorry the photo is a little blurry.)

I began filling in the first layer of flesh tone.
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