Thursday, November 5, 2015

With his Back to the Window - Part 3

Gifts are lovely. Well, almost all the time they're lovely.

When are they not lovely? When they come in the form of a very large dead rat. Our little cat, Tommy, was so excited, too. I looked at him as he pranced by me, presenting it so proudly, and then I turned my back on him. 

Somehow I don't think I've managed to discourage him one little bit.

I continued working on this painting (and on my mystery commissioned painting as well). I'm really liking the darker tones with this one.

I started adding some red tones.

I worked a bit more on the shape of his face.
I'm wanting him to look more harsh
than I'm managing to do.

Working on his hairline and his eyebrows
seems to have helped a lot. I still want
more harshness, though.

I darkened the black areas and added
some dark details here and there.

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