Wednesday, November 25, 2015

"Side by Side" Part 3

Dave and I took the kid out to lunch today. While we were all eating apparently I was going on and on as supposedly I have the tendency to do. (I'm not convinced.) After they expressed their slight annoyance here's how the conversation went.

Me: "Haters gonna hate."

Dave: "Eaters gonna eat."

Little guy: "Idiots gonna idiot."

I think the kid got the last word...and apparently I wasn't the only annoying one.

I kept working on these paintings. I'm almost finished with the background and soon I'll be adding the brother and sister. Yay!

I added some red elements to the background.

There was some lettering in the photo I'm
working from so I added it as well.

I used watered down black to give the background
a more "messy" and aged look. 
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