Saturday, November 28, 2015

"Side by Side" Part 6

I was in the car with the little guy today and he decided to do one of his favorite car games. It's not one of my favorite, however, because I'm typically just so darn awful at it. He pulled out his phone, typed in what must have been "Current Top Hit Music". He always wants me to state the artist and the title. And while I recognized pretty much everything he played I had a really hard time coming up with the artist/song name even though I could sing along with most every chorus. Next, out of pity, wanting to give me a fighting chance, he pulled up "The Top 100 Punk Songs of All Time". This was much more in my wheelhouse and I did quite well. (By the way...Green Day...who knew they were "punk"?) And then after we'd done some shopping he put on "Top Hits of the 80s and 90s". I did pretty well there, too. Happily my brain cells are still rocking' in the past.

And let me just take a moment here to thank Tony Hawk for apparently teaching my kid as many punk songs as I know.

I continued working on this painting. Here's what I've gotten done today.

I combined three colors to create the blue for her dress
and a couple of colors for his shorts.

I painted his shirt white and did another layer of
skin tone on both of them.

I began working on her shoes and I used white to map out
where elements on her dress will be as well as both of their hair.
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