Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Song Written Just for Her - Part 6

My family. They're always here for me if I ever get stuck.

Me: "Do something funny!" (I needed something to blog about.)

My little guy sat on the couch with a fork dangling from his mouth.

Dave: "Well, a little while ago XXXXXXXXXX" (I've decided that I cannot relay this story out of respect for one little guy in particular.)

Little guy: "Nope!" And then he waggled his head back and forth, the fork in his mouth waggling with him.

So, dangling/waggling fork for the win!

I continued working on this painting. I'm finding that there's a lot of dry time with this one which is slowing my pace. I don't mind, though, paces are meant to be slowed. Well, that and I made a week's worth of food. A stocked fridge = guys who leave me alone and let me paint. :-)

I painted the man's shirt and applied a second
layer to his legs and changed them a bit. I
also added a band and some dangling strands
to the hat.

I added details to the mans leg, put frets on the
guitar, and began the layering of the flesh
tones on their faces.
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