Wednesday, November 4, 2015

With his Back to the Window - Part 2

Sometimes things come full circle. Tonight my little guy and I were walking through a parking lot. I started to step off the curb and he, having seen a car approaching, put his arm in front of me. Mind you, I was in no danger, but how lovely was it that his protective instincts kicked into gear. Particularly considering that whenever I put my arm out to protect him he thinks I'm being ridiculous. I kept my mouth shut and just relished in the lovely moment, of course.

Me: "I love you, kiddo." (Except for that...I couldn't help but say that.)

I continued working on this painting. It's going to look like slow progress as I'm also spending time working on a commissioned piece. I'm not able to post anything on the commissioned piece until it's given away during the holidays. It's kind of fun doing something on the down low.

I began adding some color. I also decided
that his left arm was too high. You can
see the beginnings of my moving it.

I added some dark shades and
continued working on that arm.
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  1. Love your sweet story and your painting start. Wherever you're getting all this energy, please send some my way!