Sunday, November 22, 2015

Springtime Dream - Part 4

Late last night I realized that my family was looking at me pretty funny. As I said in yesterday's post, it was quite a busy day...and apparently my outfit reflected that busyness.

It all started out pretty normally, outfit wise. I had sneakers, gray capri leggings, and a coral tank top. Then I decided I was a tad chilly so I added a purple hoodie. A while later I put on a brown winter hat. Then I received a call from Dave that a customer was going to stop by so I switched to a black baseball cap. I wanted to look presentable, you know. A while later I cut up an old skirt and made two scarves, one purple, and the other a tie dye/batik looking thing. I put them on, of course.

When Dave got home from exhibiting his photography he just looked at me. Up and down and then away. I think it was simply too much to take in.

P.S. I never made it out of the house except to take some recycling to the bin and to feed the chickens, so no other humans were harmed by my outfit.

I finished this painting. She definitely turned into a bride. I love when the painting takes over and tells me what to do.

"Springtime Dream"

I added color to her hair and a second
coat to the top of her dress.

I decided where her arms would go and
gave her face some features.

I gave her pink highlights and started
working on her bouquet.

I decided I didn't like the colors I'd chosen
so I painted over it with green. I'd decided
that I wanted greenery to show behind
the flowers I painted.

I created a bouquet of white flowers
and baby's breath.

I decided that the painting needed more
flowers. I also created a neckline
on her dress.
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