Tuesday, November 24, 2015

"Side by Side" Part 2

Tonight as I drove through a parking lot I could see a car that kept trying to pull out of its spot, but rather than letting the car out, drivers just got irritated about it and kept blocking it in. As I got closer I found myself saying, "Gosh, just let them out, what's the big deal, people?" So when I got to where that car was I stopped so they could pull out...and guess what...it was my husband! Yay!

I continued working on these paintings. It's really fun to give the impression of wood with paint. Fun and challenging.

I used two different colors to create the wood. I did small
dollops of each color side-by-side on my palette and picked
up the paint from right in the middle getting both colors on
the paintbrush at once. At the tips of the wood pieces I
indicated where the top of the wood pieces were.
I also added a horizontal piece on the bench and added
a second color to the hay bales.

I repainted much of the background so now the bench really
stands out. 
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