Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Solemn - Part 3

I wake up in the night pretty regularly. Mostly I can go right back to sleep, but sometimes I go on ahead and get up and move to the couch...where I fall asleep pretty quickly. Now, when I leave the bedroom our lovely critters always accompany me. Our eighty-five pound Hazel jumps off of the bed and our two cats follow right behind. They go about their business having a middle-of-the-night snack and whatnot while I grab a blanket, settle in, and doze off. When my alarm goes off I can hardly move because there's a HUGE dog at my feet holding the blanket firmly to the couch, and two cats are on top of me. I hit "snooze" because who wouldn't want to enjoy that for an additional blissful nine minutes?

I continued working on this painting for the class I'm taking.

I let my ego get involved with my work this
time. While this is only loosely based on the
photo of me I have to admit that I wasn't
really liking how darn sad/depressed I was
looking. So I went all wacky and upturned
the mouth and added some smile lines
around the eyes. I also added eyelashes.

Then I went and changed the color of the face
and neck entirely. But what I discovered very
quickly is that I did not, in fact, like it better.
Not at all!
Dave gave it the big thumbs down, too.
So, baby wipes to the rescue....

I removed pretty much all of the changes I'd
made. Only I kept a bit of the lighter color
of the complexion and I left the smile lines.
Those were on the photo I was using and, by
golly, I rather like them! Same with the
eyelashes. So it was a two steps forward, one step
back kind of day...I LOVE those kind of painting
days! I always ultimately move forward. 
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