Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Song Written Just for Her - Part 7

I've been thinking lately that I want to grow my hair out again. Not super long as that's just way too much trouble. I have some big Texas hair when it's long and I never seem to be able to manage it. Really I'm just thinking shoulder length or so. But then Dave ups his scaring me tactics. Boy, my guys so love doing that. And as my bangs are growing out I'm having more and more trouble seeing their sneaky approaches.

Lucky for me Hazel is on my team and she gives them away most of the time.

And I finished this painting! I can't believe it took a week, but I've been up to tons of other good stuff. This was super fun and I loved learning about Mary Blair. Super fun being inspired by her work!

"A Song Written Just for Her"
I painted the second tone on the guitar and
added some marks to the man's shirt. I also
added a second tone to the woman's face.

I worked on his hands, added hair color,
and sketched the features of their faces.

I began working on her hands, added color to
his hands, added a second tone to his face, used
red to create a bottom and side of the guitar,
and painted some of their facial features. I
also painted her hair white as the yellow
wasn't showing as brightly as I'd wanted.

I painted yellow on her hair. This time it really
shows well, so I decided to do the same with
his hair. You'll see in the finished painting that
I continued adding more elements.

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