Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Solemn - Part 4

I've been remembering my dreams a lot lately. One, in particular, has really stuck out. I was dreaming about cockroaches. Ugh...I'm no fan of cockroaches. I actually catch them and then release them in the backyard where our chickens gobble them up right away.

Anyway, in my cockroach dream the cockroaches had fuzzy little tails and actually kind of resembled puppies. My waking thought was, "Cockroaches are so darn cute!" (Interpret that, dream analyzers!)

That feeling did not last long.

I completed this painting. I really enjoyed working on it. Particularly when I stopped thinking of it as a self portrait, that is. I've loved using this palette of dark colors but now I think I'm ready for some brightly colored flowers or butterflies!


Just when it seems like I'm getting near to
completion I go and decide I want to make
big changes. I decided that I didn't like the
shape of her lips. I also decided that I
wasn't really liking the totally dark background.

I got the lips pretty much right and then the
nose stopped looking right.

I redrew the nose.

Then I decided I didn't like her hair or the
way the necklace chain fell on one side. I
also added a bit of green to her eyes.

I went over her hair with a yellowish tint and
redid some of her neck. I also changed the shape
of the right side of her face. I added some pink
to her face as well. Then a number of changes
happened and I neglected to document them.
I was too busy working on the painting...bliss!
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