Monday, November 23, 2015

"Side by Side" Part 1

Our cat, Tommy, went all 70s poster style today. He was on the bar and he leapt off toward our kitchen table, missed his mark, and ended up hanging by his paws-n-claws from one of our chairs. He  was an awkward dead ringer for all those cute "Hang in there, Baby" posters I had as a kid.

And while the humans got a bit of a chuckle out of it, Tommy was not amused.

I started work on a couple of commissioned pieces today. These are part of a series and I've been doing two of each of them. You can find the others in my gallery. Just look for the ones that have a near twin. I've loved working on these and while I want them to look similar to each other, I definitely don't try to do exact matches. They each have their own personalities and that's fun.

I've got the paper taped onto a big piece of cardboard. I did
a basic background and did a dark area where the focus
of the painting will be.

I laid down white paint where the bench and hay bale will be.

I began adding color to the bench and hay bale.
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