Saturday, November 7, 2015

Floral Palette

I've always heard the saying "watching paint dry" in reference to slow, s-l-o-w things. I hadn't really thought about it until today when I painted over a canvas my mom had gotten a while back when she'd intended to do the very same thing. I painted it several hours ago and it's still not dry enough to allow me to start sketching my next project. And let me assure you, watching it has not sped it up one little bit. Guess it's like the whole "a watched pot never comes to a boil" thing. Eesh! But not one to just sit around I took advantage of the time and worked on my secret commissioned piece and completed this little floral piece.

I absolutely love using small canvases as paint palettes! The most wonderful backgrounds with tons of texture are formed and it's so much fun creating something with them. With this one I used india ink to draw a flower on top of the lovely colorful background.

I'm doing a give-away with this painting. Comment below, on my Facebook art page, on my DailyPaintworks gallery, or on my twitter post and Monday evening I'll get my little guy to draw a winner.

"Floral Palette"
And it doesn't need to be hung, it can just sit pretty
on its own. Here it is on my kitchen window sill...
a little spring on this rainy fall day.
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