Saturday, November 14, 2015

A Song Written Just for Her - Part 3

I trimmed our big dog, Hazel, today. I'd like to think that being an artist lends itself to my dog trimming skills. Perhaps that's why she looks like a character out of a Dr. Seuss book...down the the truffula tree that her tail now is, and the UGG boots she appears to be sporting. Can't wait to see the looks I get when we go walking tomorrow.

And I continued working on this piece. Before I started painting several years ago I had absolutely no idea that there were layer upon layer upon layer in most paintings. What fun it is to work on all of these delightful layers that will become a part of the whole image.

I added little yellow speck here and there.

I added big white flowers.

I gave each white flower a yellow center
and painted smaller white flowers here and there.
I added coral colored flowers. 

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