Friday, November 13, 2015

A Song Written Just for Her - Part 2

Four of our five chickens are currently molting. This means that while they're producing copious amounts of feathers that are all over our yard, they are producing no eggs. Our one holdout is Barry. She's the head mistress lording over all of the other chickens. Luckily she's a benevolent leader and never has to show she's boss, the other girls simply know this to be true. And she happily shares all resources and cozy spots. But all bets are off if there's a big bug involved. Then she shows her fierce speedy super powers and the others just watch in awe.

We need to figure out how to get her to use her super powers to get the other chickens laying again.

I continued working on this painting.

I added additional elements to the background.

I added even more and I darkened the blue
ones I'd added before.

I started doing some patterning of marks
in the upper half. I loved how this reminded
me of Vincent Van Gogh.
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