Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Yes, I inflict fairydom on my teenage sons.  I don't think I'm gonna stop, either.  Well, as long as I'm driving and they're trapped in my car anyway.  Tonight I picked up my little guy from a UIL band thing, drove him by Taco Bell (I became his instant least for a few minutes until...), and as we got into our neighborhood I pulled into one of my favorite places on this planet, Fairy Alley.

Little dude:  "Again?"

Me:  "Yup...I love it here...What do you think of it?"

Little dude:  "Well, it's too sparkly-ee, it's too butterfly-ee, I don't get it."

Me:  Silence as I peer around, soaking in the magic.

Little dude:  "I guess it's OK."

"OK"?!?!  Hooray!  In teenage boy land, saying something fairyish is "OK" is super high praise, indeed.

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