Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hazel the Hoarder

A laundry basket, whether designated "clean" or "dirty," is a veritable buffet for Hazel.  She's not picky...she loves it all.  She will very deliberately go to the laundry basket in our bedroom and pick out Dave's socks (I think they're her faves!) one at a time and take them to her bed.  She will make many return trips to a basket of clean towels and pick out cloth napkins or pot holders and lay them where she sleeps.  She loooooves them!  One dare not leave laundry beside the tub or shower as when you finish, none of it will still be there.  And, just this morning she pulled the napkin right off of my lap while I was still eating breakfast!  The girl is out of control...she's in serious need of a twelve-step group.

P.S. No items were harmed in the making of this blog post...they were simply moistened, nuzzled, and snuggled.

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