Friday, March 2, 2012

Sexy and I Know it...

...but for some reason I'm not allowed to show it.

OK, so apparently there's a fine line of distinction...somehow it's OK for my kid to be watching the YouTube video of "I'm Sexy and I Know it," singing along to it quite loudly, his friends listening as he does so on Xbox live or Skype, or some such thing.  But, I walk in, stand behind him, start makin' a little noise, doin' a little dance, gettin' down tonight...he catches sight of me through the miracle of peripheral vision and...

"Oh, my god, MOM!"

Vomiting sounds.

"Aaaaaggh, my mom is dancing!"

"Make it stop!!!"


Freaking my kid out...check!

Got my heart rate up and burned a few calories...check!

Feelin' sexy and I know it...well, as my kid would say, "ish".

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