Saturday, March 17, 2012

Child Labor

After being a mom for almost 17 years now, I'm finally tapping into the free labor that children are.  OK, my kids would call it "slave labor"... and it's not exactly "free" as endless nagging should count as some sort of payment, right?  And it's not that they haven't done anything around the house over the last decade, it's just that they haven't had any particular chores assigned to them.  It's been ask, refuse, ask again, refuse again, threaten, finally comply.  So, the boys are now finally doing the dishes as almost a routine.  So what if it's not loaded like the perfect puzzle I'd do, and so what if one of them has a total panic attack if he has to touch something gooey (is it bad that I seriously giggle inside every time this happens?).  And, bonus for the little goobers, they finally figured out that it really only takes about 3 minutes to do the job!  They used to spend so much more time than that on task avoidance techniques.  Ya, it's awesome!

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