Friday, March 30, 2012

Fast Food Dreams

I've got my wacky morning routine with my little guy.  It's really a hopping from island to island napping thing for him.  Sleeping in the bed.  Get him up.  Sleeping in the shower (yes!).  Get him out.  Sleeping at the table.  Make him eat.  Then I leave...guessing that Dave continues the sleep island hopping after I go to work.

So, this morning I ask the little dude as I rouse him from one of his islands...

Me:  "Do you want a burrito or a bowl of cereal?"

Little guy:  "I'll have a burrito, please."

I know, that sounds great!  And it was, particularly in comparison to yesterday...

Me:  "Do you want a burrito or do you want to grab breakfast at school?"  I know, I know, bad mom, but hey, the district claims they DO NOT use pink slime, so it can't be all bad, right?

Little guy:  "I'll take a #9."

Me:  "What?  Do you want a burrito or do you want to grab breakfast at school?"

Little guy:  "#9, #9, #9."

Me:  "What's a #9?"

Little guy:  "You know, you're making it."

Me:  "You're asleep, dude, I'm making you a burrito."

Little guy:  "What are you talking about, mom?"

Yeah, thinking no more fast food for this kiddo if he's ordering food by number in his sleep.  Ay, yi, yi....

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