Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Teaching vs. Pregnancy

I've heard that being pregnant is a lot like being a teacher.  Hmmmmmm...I dunno.

I suppose that there's a similar time component, nine months-ish.  And, of course, children are involved.  Both require a lot of flexibility.  Mood is definitely affected by both.  At the end of the day putting one's feet up sure helps.  Both yield a HUGE reward.  Course the peeing thing sets them apart.  Pregnant ladies always need to pee...teachers hardly ever get the chance to pee.  Then there's the thing I've heard from some teachers that we need summer to both recover from and forget just how challenging our jobs are so we're willing to go back...yeah, I definitely had to forget how uncomfortable pregnancy was before I was willing to "risk it" again. 

With spring break almost here, and the end of the school year fast approaching after that, I'm finding myself getting a little sentimental about my students and my job.  So, I went and dorked out and made a little sign to hang in my classroom window. Yeah, I love, love, love my job...even if it is a lot like being pregnant.