Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mom Ideas Suck...there must be a rule about that or something.

This morning as soon as my little guy woke up I told him the exciting plans I had for the day.

Me:  "So, we're going to ride our bikes downtown this afternoon to see the awesome marching band thing we saw last year."

Little guy:  "OK."

A little later this morning I mentioned to him again about how excited I was about it.

Me:  "This will be so much fun!  And I'll even take you out to eat while we're out."

Little guy:  "What are you talking about?"

Me:  "The marching band thingie, we already talked about it this morning."

Little guy:  "No we didn't.  I have no idea what you're talking about."

Even later...when we were working on a snack before we were going to go.

Little guy:  "I've never been to this thing you're talking about."

Me:  "Yes, you have.  Here, look on my computer at last year's pictures."

Little guy:  "Oh, that."

Me:  "You loved it, don't you remember?"

Little guy:  "Why do you always make me go to things like this?"

I go outside to talk with some of my lovely neighbors and I'm walking back in as little dude runs out with his phone.  A friend had called wanting him to go do something with him later that afternoon.

Little guy:  "Can I go with him?"

Me:  "No, you're going to HONK! with me."

Little guy:  "I can't," he tells his friend all defeated like.

Me:  "Do me a favor, ask him what he was wanting you to go to."

He asks, his eyes brighten, and animation takes over his face.

Little guy:  (talking to his friend) "Hey, my mom and I are going to that, too.  Awesome, we'll see you there!!"

Suddenly my plan for the day is awesome in my kid's eye.  I owe his friend a big high five (that's appropriate, this particular friend is totally into high fives).

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