Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"You're so tiny!"

Yeah, I'm "tiny".  I get it.  My sons have decided that now that they're both bigger than I am, they can exert their "power" and pick me up and take me to wherever something is that they want.  Most often it's the kitchen because they pretty much eat all the freakin' time these days.  I pretend they're giving me big bear hugs as they carry me to and fro and then I pretend I'm hard of hearing when they say what they want.  I mean, really, the old standby, "Mom, will you help me find something to eat, please?" (without the carrying part) works SO MUCH BETTER.

So, I've tried some strategies to diminish this behavior.

- intermittent shaving of my armpits so they come in contact with stubble...hey, they took the risk touching me there, right?

- kissing them repeatedly as they carry me around.

- saying "You love me, you love me!"

- distracting them by pointing out that cute girls are walking by outside.

- suggesting that they carry their dad around instead (they've tried...apparently it's not nearly so much fun).

- and some other things I won't write because, believe it or not, I don't want to embarrass them...much.

Well, you'd think that Dave would be my big protector regarding all of this.  But, know what his response is?  "Don't drop your mother, she pays for our insurance."  Ah, my hero.

P.S. I kind of totally love being carried around by my boys...yeah, not in a hurry for it to stop.

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