Monday, March 5, 2012

War and Peace...the Music Version

So, I've gone on and on about my kids' music preferences and my admitted love of it.  Well, all this time I've been thinking that I'm SUCH a cool mom as I sing along and do awesome dance moves to Pitbull, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, and on and on.  I mean really, coolest mom ever, right?  Well, turns out I can't win on this one.

Scene 1
Little guy:  "God, mom, stop it!  You look like a dork!"

Me:  "You're lucky kid, my parents totally did NOT like the music I was in to."

Little guy:  "I'd prefer that!"

Me:  "Really?  You hate my moves and singing that much?!?!"

Little guy:  "YES!"

Me:  "So I should be like my parents were?"

Little guy:  "YES!"

Me:  "OK, here's how music went.  KMFA was on the radio...all the the the the morning, afternoon, and night."

Little guy:  "Uh-huh."

Me:  "So, that's what we'll do, right?"  I turn the dial to 89.5 and we cruise home in silence.  Except for the Mozart, Strauss, Haydn, or whoever it was.

The next morning when we got in the car so I could take him to school.  Tchaikovsky or some such thing came on the radio as I backed out of the driveway.

Little guy:  "I can't take this."  He turns the dial to a hip-hop station.

Me:  "So my singing and dancing aren't that bad, eh?"

Little guy:  No response as he stared out the window.

Hmmmm...maybe I did win after all.  "Boom badoom boom, boom badoom boom..."

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