Monday, March 19, 2012

Copyright that, Stat!

So, during SXSW Dave started something goofy.  He does a lot of things that are goofy, but this one stood out amongst the rest his goofy repertoire.  Somehow he started thinking that he needed to copyright everything cool that he came up with.  Something like this (and it's a bad example as I didn't write any of them down, though I'm sure you can find them in some library of congress record of awesome things that have been copyrighted).

Dave:  "This traffic is super-traffic-atrocious...copyright!!!"

Me:  "Ugh," as I look around for the nearest path to escape.

This afternoon, however, my little guy came up with something that I will surely use again and again and again.

Setup:  We're in the car about to leave the mall (he got a new skateboard).

Me:  "Do you want a piece of gum?"

Little guy:  "Sure!"  He holds it and scrutinizes it, turning it over a few times.  "Where was this?"

Me:  "In the pocket."

Little guy:  "It's squished flat."

Me:  "I know."

Little guy:  "You must've fartblasted it!"

Me:  "What?"

Little guy:  "Was it in your left or right pocket?"

Me:  "It was in my purse pocket, goofy."

Little guy:  "Oh..." and then he was able to put it in his mouth...finally...I get it, after all he thought I had fartblasted it!

So, my friends, consider this awesome word "fartblast" to now be officially copyrighted!!  It'll be 5¢ per use.

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