Friday, March 9, 2012

Turns out I'm "annoying"... they say.  Picked up my big guy after school today...a little something nice I do for him when it's raining.  I start up a conversation with him because, you know, I really like the kid.

Big guy:  "Why do you and dad always want to talk to me the whole time?"

Me:  "Because we love you and we're excited to see you."

Big guy:  "But it's so annoying!"

Me:  "What's the most annoying part?"

Big guy:  "Mom, you're talking again."

-slight pause-

Me:  "So, yay about spring break!"

Big guy:  No comment...eyes roll.

Me?  Yeah, you guessed it, I just kept on talking.  Can't bring this "annoying" mama down.

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