Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Excuses, excuses....

We have a serious problem in the Parsons household.  Nothing, NOTHING, is getting done.  There's a never-ending list of excuses to not just do it.  Luckily I've pretty much ended the whole "Just a sec" excuse.

Me:  "Come empty the dishwasher!"

My boys:  "Just a sec!"

Me:  "Just a sex?"

My boys:  "Just a sec...gawd mom, you're annoying!" (see earlier blog...apparently I have an ongoing issue with annoyingness...Kali is Annoying)

Me:  "Sex?  You want to talk about sex before you do the dishes?"

...anyway, I can't exactly say that this dialog worked and they jumped up right away to do said dishes, but they did slow their requests for conversations about sex sec's.

So, now there's another excuse that is really having an effect on productivity.  It's the hug excuse.  The sudden imperative need for my children to hug me, hug Dave, hug our cat, Pug, and our dogs, Hazel and Scout, every time something is requested of them.  It's become a hug fest of procrastination and avoidance!  So, my kids are obviously brilliant.  How can I, mediocre mom that I am, tell them to stop hugging?!?!

Well, I'm not going to, but I'll tell you this.  Their mom is pretty darn bright herself...I'm thinking that any time I'm feeling a little low and in need of a hug, I'll just make up some silly chore and they're sure to come a runnin' and a huggin'!  Brilliant!!  Bwaaa-ha-ha!

The oh so hugable Pug!

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