Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Easter Bunny

It's a funny thing.  When my kids were little they found the mall (yes, the mall again...I swear I'm traumatized by the experience of going there so much lately and I'll have tons of stories...sorry) Easter Bunny scary as all get out.  Then, as they got older, realized that the Easter Bunny could be equated with chocolate, the bunny was pretty much just fine and dandy.  What happened at the mall my last trip there?  Well, we've regressed, seriously back to square one.

Me:  "Oh, look, there's the Easter Bunny.  Want to have your picture taken with him?"

Little guy:  "Mall Easter Bunnies are creepy, mom."

I guess finding out that the Easter Bunny was really me and Dave negated any value that the chocolate correlation once had.  Ah, well....

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