Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ya, I've got issues...vision issues.

I've had to make an ungodly number of trips to the mall lately.  As a rule, I H.A.T.E shopping of most any kind and I'm really not a fan of the mall experience in particular.  I know it must have something to do with my being navigationally challenged and my tendency to get totally lost once I'm within its walls.  I do always park near the same entrance and generally the same parking area so as not to risk losing my car.  Oy...anyway, this time I was driving there to go to the eye doctor to see how the contact lenses they were trying on me were working out.  They were wonky for sure, one for long distance, one for near.  I pulled into the mall parking lot, started working my way around the humongous structure, headed into the sun, reached to pull my visor down and...there was a freakin' tarantula right there on the ceiling of my car!!!  Luckily I have some small ability to keep my cool, and luckily I didn't hit any poles, pedestrians, or cars...and luckily it was really only a mosquito hawk, which I was able to grasp in my hand and set free.

Yeah, you guessed it, I went in and told my eye doctor that I didn't think the contacts were working out so great.  And, no, I didn't tell them about my run in with the "eight-legged" critter.  I have some pride, ya know.

Yes, I know it's a dragonfly, and not a mosquito hawk.  I can see that...yeesh!

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