Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Interest Paid, Time Earned

I'm totally aware that I spend a lot of time consumed with my own interests.  You know, exercising (while's the deal I make with myself so it's OK to waste time that way), blogging, drawing, and painting.  Well, today I made a special point of trying to check in with each of my family members and show an interest in their interests.

Entering little guy's room.  He's playing Minecraft.

Little guy:  "What are you doing in here, mom?"

Me:  "I'm being interested in what you're interested in."

Little guy:  "That's weird, mom."

Random other boy that's on the speaker on little guy's computer:  "Let your mom watch, dude."

Hooray for random other boy!!!

I sat there a while, watching, not understanding a thing, getting dizzy with the motion, kissed him on the elbow and left his room.

Entering big guy's room.  He's playing Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2.

Big guy:  "Go away, mom."

Me:  "I'm here being interested in what you're interested in."

Big guy:  "Why?"

Me:  "Because I love you."

Big guy:  "Hmmmmmm...."

Me:  "So, do what makes you such an elite player."  (Apparently he is, he actually makes money because of it.)

Big guy:  "No, mom."

Me:  "OK, I love you."  I get up and leave because I'm feeling funny again, this time because of all the blood spatters on the screen.

I go to Dave's office, he's making some CDs.

Dave:  "Hey."

Me:  "I'm here being interested in what you're interested in."

He took me around the room showing me new pieces of equipment he had recently gotten.

Dave:  "Want to touch my new headphones?"

Me:  (Not really, but I touch them because I'm being all interested in what my family is interested in.)

Dave:  "Want to touch my new blah-de-blah-de-blah?"

Me:  (Yes, I tuned him out, but I did touch whatever it was.)

I left the room feeling decidedly proud of myself and not at all funny/dizzy.

So, yay, I've shown interest in my family's interests!  I'm totally a rockin' wife and mom.  Now back to my paints.

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