Thursday, March 15, 2012

Somethin's Stanky!

You ever have a day that just plain old stinks?  Not in that negative, complainy way, I mean literally "stinks"!  So, there's been this mystery smell.  It's been narrowed down to the kitchen area.  Counters have been cleaned, trash taken out, recycling bin dumped, vinegar down the disposal.  We've even taken the measure of blaming all the people and pets in the house...our domicile abounds with crop dusters.  I guess the point had come for me to follow my sniffer.  I'm hesitant as I have this unfortunate olifactory/depth perception issue and I always, ALWAYS, end up touching the stinky object to my nose (see earlier blog:  My Nose Knows).  Ugh!  And this smell was BAD.  So, I crawl around the room, sniffing like a hound the cupboards, the dishwasher, the fridge...cold, cold, getting warmer, cold, getting warmer, warmer, warmer, hot, hot, HOT!  Lo and behold it was the culprit we all choose to be in denial of as the memory of its previous presence(s) is so freakin' bad.  Yes, yet another potato had chosen to liquify in the basket hanging over the sink.  Double bagged and straight out to the trash...too bad trash day just happened.

Apologies to all the family members who were falsely blamed (including me)...and tons of gratitude to the universe that I did not touch my nose to the errant spud.  Whew!