Thursday, March 1, 2012

When daddy's away...

...this mom turns into her kids' fantasy culinary artist (please pronounce that "arteeeeest").  Yes, Dave had to work late tonight, so...being the amazing mom I am, I did make tater tots for dinner!  It absolutely was the main course.  As I small side dish I added half a breaded fish fillet AND some chicken sausage to their plates.  Veggies, you ask?  But of course!  What the heck do you think ketchup is?!?!  And, to top it all of, no, I did not shout out that the meal was ready.  Rather, I texted my boys, "DINNER!" and they came a runnin'!

Little guy:  "Ooooh, yeah, mom...this looks awesome!!!"

Big guy:  "This is definitely the best meal you've ever made!!!"

...and that Uchiko guy thinks he's the Top Chef 'round these parts.  Ha!

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