Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bigger is Better

So, I'm pretty sure you know I'm a special ed teacher, right?  I love the gig!  And by "gig" I mean that I perform ALL DAY LONG.  You know, singing, dancing, and acting...good stuff!  Anyway, our special ed team has been having a Mother's Day jewelry sale all week (we ask for donated jewelry from all the school parents and then sell it super cheap, $1-$4 per piece).  You've never seen a more adorable scene!  We're mobbed by kinder to 5th graders, clutching dollar bills in their hands, very carefully choosing what their mom will love.  It's truly precious.  There's a lot of really nice stuff available, and of course there's also a lot of stuff from the 80s and 90s when bigger was better.  In the eyes of many of the children (mostly the younger ones), they do believe in the bigger/better rule.  They have such love in their eyes as they choose a necklace with a particularly large bauble (think large outdoor Christmas lights size) for their beloved mom.  My kiddos used to shop at this very fundraiser sale every year and I know from experience that those moms will love beyond bounds the amazing gift they receive and will very proudly wear it out to brunch Sunday morning.  Love....

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