Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Older I Get, the Less I Know...Happily So

There's something quite comforting about aging and slowly losing mind, I suppose.  I'm not really noticing any significant deficits or anything like that, just realizing that it no longer bugs me that I don't seem to know much.  Maybe I never did.  I just thought I did, I guess, and gosh, in retrospect, it sure took a lot of energy being a know-it-all.  These days I'm all about embracing the, "Gosh, I don't know about that, let me find someone who does."  That and being ever so thankful for Google.  I see my younger self in my children and others who are behind me on the whole age timeline thing.  My kids know EVERYTHING.  Even when they don't.  And, lovely thing, they're the first to tell me that I know NOTHING.  Sigh...  I tried to come up with a quick-n-clever comeback the other night when I was caught them not knowing something. 

Me:  "Awesome...I mean fail, uh, snap!  Oh, phooey!"

They gave me the "Mom, you know NOTHING about slang and you are so NOT stop trying" look.  Lucky for me, those boys love their feeble-minded dorky mom like crazy!

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