Friday, May 11, 2012

Manning Up

I pulled in to the Taco Bell drive through this evening, big guy ordered what he wanted, then I drove around to pay.

Young male cashier:  "That'll be $4.67, sir."  He was talking to little, hair-in-braided-pigtails me!

He looked a bit shocked when he finally made eye contact with me.  Guess he thought I was the source of the big male voice who had ordered.

Me:  "Yeah, I'm looking a little mannish today, I know."  <insert my big toothy, dare I say flirty, grin here>

As we pulled out of the parking lot I had some serious questions for my kid.

Me:  "So, what are you getting me for Mother's Day?"  (OK, brief pause here while I let you know that I so don't care about receiving things for Mother's Day...I really don't even need it acknowledged.  To my mother's great disappointment, I also feel the same way about celebrating Mother's Day with her.  Ah well....)

Big guy:  "Something."

Me:  "Give me a hint."

Big guy:  "What do you want?"

Me:  "I want you to spend the whole day with me, being super nice the whole time."

Big guy:  "Maybe."

Me:  "Maybe?"

Big guy:  "It's not Mother's Day today."

Me:  "I know, but I'm excited."


Big guy:  "You're looking mannish today, mom."

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